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R. White Woods Inc.
Forest Consulting - Database Software - Rugged Outdoor Computers
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Forest Consulting

R. White Woods Inc. employs skilled individuals to work on a variety of forestry projects.  We survey, establish and measure Tree Improvement, Growth and Yield, and various research trials.   Additionally, we conduct ecological classification, GPS mapping, editing of forest research papers and production of reports.

R.White Woods Inc. utilizes the latest and most accurate electronic devices for tree heights calculations, plot survey and layout and recording of field data.  Since 1987, we have used rugged handheld computers to collect forest data for in excess of 18 million observations.

Our company attitude of "no matter how good it is, it can always be better" has helped us focus on being careful and checking our work.  This approach has helped us to develop a client base that are very pleased with our services.

For more specific information regarding forest consulting services and rates please contact our office by phone, fax or email.


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