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EASYDC™ Universal Data Collection Software

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EASYDC™ combines many of the functions of a database, text editor and spreadsheet in one program

• Define your own application
• Create customized comprehensive data collection forms
• Import/export text, delimited and dBase
• Easy to collect validated data
• Easy to teach others to use
• Applicable to any industry or application
• Define up to 80 data fields per form

Each field can have:
-pop-up choice lists
-prompt and default
-diagnostic feature
-cascading lookup tables
-interfaces with laser, calipers, scanners

• Satisfaction guaranteed. References available.

EASYDC™ History

In 1987, a contract to collect forestry field data on handheld computers led us to develop our first rudimentary program, 80/20. By 1989, we realized that what we (and others) really needed was a flexible, reliable, easy-to-use program that was as fast as a man with a clipboard and took very little time to master.


In 1991, the first release of EASYDC™ Universal Data Collection Software took place. Input had been received from members within the B.C. Forest Service, Canadian Forest Service and the forest industry. By 1992, the first three site licenses (still in effect) were established and the user base had started to grow. With growth and usage also came more and more ideas and requests from users and potential users.


As we continue to add features to EASYDC™ our user group is constantly growing and the program is now in use on five continents.   We have clients using EASYDC™ in English, French, German and Spanish on a wide variety of handheld computers.  EASYDC™ is used for everything from recording data for nursery seedlings and assessing poles for the utility industry to counting and measuring fish.


| Download WPIMS2002 Demo |

Wood Pole Inspection and Maintenance System for Utility Companies

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Initiated in 1995, WPIMS was designed especially for BC Hydro to manage the inspection and maintenance of their approximately one million wood poles. Data base files are collected with EASYDC as the engine and are processed in an MS-Access .mde application. Strength calculations , deductions for decay and loading factors are incorporated into the data collection application which can run on various rugged handheld computers. Reports for exceptions, recommendations, daily pesticide usage, and cost per pole for services are generated with the WPIMS program. You will need MS-Access 97 and a 486 or Pentium computer to run the .mde software.

The nature of the system allows it to be modified for use by other utility companies.   To download the WPIMS Demo please click

Other Software Services

Over the years we have created software programs for clients to collect, manage and analyze data. If you have a particular need for a specialty program we would be pleased to provide you with a price quote.


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