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B. C. Forest Service Buys 220 Allegros!

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
March 2002

The British Columbia Ministry of Forests has selected Juniper Systems Allegro Field PC's as the new Ministry standard for rugged handhelds. A standing offer contract, which is estimated at $1,000,000 over three years, has been awarded to R. White Woods Inc. of Victoria. Both Allegro models, the CE/DOS Field PC and the new CE Field PC will be integrated during 2002 - 2004.

Ministry of Forests staff will use Allegros for Check Scaling, Check Cruising and Research data collection. Additional business areas have also been identified for further procurements. During the evaluation process, competing units were expected to execute both MS DOS and WinCE applications. The Allegro CE/DOS Field PC was the only computer with both native DOS and WinCE. Other computers had to utilize DOS emulators to run DOS programs. The easily changeable font sizes were also considered to be a particularly valuable feature. The experience and commitment to the natural resources sector by both the manufacturer, Junipers Systems, Inc. of Logan, Utah and the local distributor, R. White Woods Inc., were important. Feature for feature and comparison by comparison, the Allegro family of Rugged Outdoor PC's was the clear choice to lead the B.C. Forest Service into the next age of electronic field data collection.

For further information please contact R. White Woods Inc. at (250) 652-0060 or 1-800-688-2098 (North America only) or by e-mail to rwhite@whitewoods.com

EASYDC and Allegro "catch-on" in New Zealand


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In 2000, R. White Woods Inc. became a Value Added Re-seller for Juniper Systems and the new Allegro Field PC which has both MS-DOS and Windows CE operating systems.  We have been very pleased with the performance of the Allegro and the relationship we have forged with the staff of Juniper Systems.

Also, in 2000 we delivered our first Allegro to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).  In 2001, we plan to expand the sales and program for monitoring fish catches with the Allegro Field PC running EASYDC software interfaced to a barcode wand and an electronic weigh scale.  Prompt and accurate acquisition and delivery of fish data will aid our government in making decisions critical to management of our ocean recourses.


In 1998, R. White Woods Inc. made an agreement with a large international forest consulting firm to provide handheld computers (Paravant RHC 44E's) and software (EASYDC) to the government of Argentina. The computers have been used to conduct a national forest inventory and all of the EASYDC applications are in Spanish. EASYDC's ease-of-use and Paravant's rugged performance has made this project a success. We look forward to increased opportunities in South America and other Spanish speaking areas.

In 1999, R. White Woods Inc. reached agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to provide a special version of EASYDC (NEDDC) to collect diverse forest information. Also provided were programs to automatically generate, convert and upload data to the Forest Service's NED program. It is anticipated that several hundred users will benefit from being able to collect field data electronically.

NED is a collection of software products being developed by the USDA Forest Service. The NED software is intended to aid resource managers, develop goals, assess current and future conditions, and produce sustainable management plans for forest properties.

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